Movember: 2016

Guess what ladies and gentlemen, it’s that time of year again – Movember! During this great month of November, men of all ages (or at least those who can grow a suitable stach) will attempt to grow the most awesome style of moustache that they can all to raise awareness and hopefully a little bit of cash towards men’s health issues. Starting November 1st, all participants must be clean shaven! Get your razors out boys!

The reason for taking part for me is simple – I enjoy the little things in life and this for me is just another little thing, and I’d like to think that it’s fun to. What better way to have fun then to poke fun at yourself! I have to admit guys, I was pretty excited to take part in this great activity, and a bit shaken as to how weird I’d look with a mustache for an entire month. I usually tend to keep a stubble and/or a full on beard when I’m feeling lazy but a moustache, pretty never. I tried this challenge back in 2013 but I was a little to the party when I started 15 days into the challenge and barely raising enough money to take my girlfriend out for dinner ($20!).

This year, will be different. I’ve set a pretty high goal for myself with a target donation of $500. So guys, it’s practically a no-brainer – get on my Movember page and start donating! It’s pretty easy, just follow the steps on this link to my Movember 2016 page and make a donation!


For those of you who have no idea what this crazy charity is about, then follow these 5 tips:

  1. November 1st is when the challenge begins. Once registered at, each Mo Bro must have a clean-shaven face (Baby-Face!)
  2. Until the rest of the month of November, each MO BRO has to GROW and GROOM a majestic mustacho.
  3. Remember: There is to be absolutely no joining of the MO to your side burns – that’s a beard!
  4. Remember: There is to be absolutely no joining of the handlebars to your chin – that is considered a GOATEE!
  5. Most important of all: Every single MO BRO must represent the rest of the community by acting like the gentlemen that your mothers have brought them up to be, nothing short of this will be accepted.

Alright mo brossss, that’s it for now.

Tune in to my Daily posts, where I’ll be sharing my growing and groomed stach with you all!


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