Day 5

Look at the MO!

Oh man I don’t even know what to call this thing.

Maybe I should go for the porn star look. Ron Jeremy anyone?


Day 2

I see whiskers!

OK maybe not like this guy! HA!

One things for sure, if I have kids they’re so screwed! HA!

Seriously though, what I notice and it’s most likely because I’m just not use to clean shaving – I was scratching the underside of my neck a lot. I have to remember to use after-shave at the of my shave.

By the sight of my first hairs, I’ll most likely get my stach sooner rather than later. Pretty sweet deal.

OK ladies and gents get your wallets out and help me out! Every dollar helps raise awareness and promote men’s health as a priority around the world.

Day 1 – Baby Face!

Hi guys!

I’ve started my Movember challenge on Halloween, a few hours shy of the actual November 1st start date, and have a completely shaved face.

This will be the second time I do this challenge, where I tried back in 2013 where I raised a dismal $20. Suffice to say, I already beat my record where I got a jump start of $82 thanks to the CEO CLEARGOALS (where I presently work) and an old friend of mine from university. Shout out to Benoit Stephenson and Alexander Magi for getting me off to a great start!

But even with the beaten record I’m hoping for more! My personal goal is to raise a whopping $500.

Think I can do it?

Answer the poll below and I’ll give you a shout on my next social post!